Manual for Gloves – Skiing and Thin Liners

How they work:

Press the power button first and the LED light and show the present capacity. If all dots are shining, the battery has 100% capacity.

Press the power button”power” again after the DC plug be inserted into the battery , hold on 3 seconds , the LED light will turn on.

  • Red  light is set on 100% rate, the heating temparature will be 55-65° C and last for 2 hours.
  • Blue light is set on 66%, the heating temparature will be 45-55° C and last for 3 hours.
  • Green light is set on 33%, the heating  temparature will be 35-45° C and last for 6 hours.

Intelligent-control battery                     

The intelligence Li-ion battery can be used for adjusting the temperature and working time, directly one the gloves surface.

A zippet pocket is placed on the upper wristband where the battery fits in.   

Safe and reliable
Provide special power adapter and lithium battery with protection circuit which can prevent battery being overcharge or overdischarge. The input is only  7.4 V.          

Excellent heating efficiency

The temperature can reach up to 65° C and power consumption is less than 5W.

Technical Data :                  

  • Voltage 7.4V  
  • Capacity: 2 x 2.100 mAh
  • Temperature: 35-65°C
  • Working time2-6  hours
  • Content : Incl. 2 pcs.  of 7,4 V/2.100 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a charger 110/230V
  • Charging time: 5 hours

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